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April 08, 2020
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Updated On: Mar 16, 2009


Reality Check: Here’s the Real Deal on Employee Free Choice

Denver Post

Arlen Specter faces GOP ultimatum over union-rights bill

Los Angeles Times

Move to Return to A.F.L.-C.I.O. Fold

New York Times

Stimulus cash to bring construction jobs

Detroit Free Press

AT&T, union negotiate on health benefits

Nashville Tennessean

San Francisco Chronicle employees' union approves cost-cutting labor agreement

Ford, Chrysler knock GM-CAW deal

Detroit Free Press

Labor Bill Roils Tech Community

Washington Post

Chamber speaks out against union bill

New Orleans Times-Picayune &

Let’s Dance, Biden Tells Labor

New York Times

U.S. unemployment rate highest in 25 years


Boeing union nixes contract; no strike authorized

Associated Press

Humbled, the U.A.W. Is Appealing for Support

New York Times

Vice President Joe Biden in Miami: We're committed to middle class

Miami Herald

Are DC Pundits Wrong Again? Obama, Biden Boost Pro-Union Bill's Prospects (Art Levine)

Huffington Post

Gettelfinger: Auto loans help keep U.S. jobs

Detroit News


Postal workers picket at Industry plant
San Gabriel Valley Tribune - West Covina, CA, USA


Picketing set to target post office transfer plan
Wilkes Barre Times-Leader - Wilkes Barre, PA, USA



Yes on EFCA: Workers deserve right to unionize

Denver Post

Obama raises unions' hopes for card check law

Cleveland Plain Dealer

Hightower: Blown gasket at Home Depot

The Daily News Tribune

Renew auto industry with single payer health care

The Capital Times




Unions need chance to help U.S. workers (Sweeney / Lathem OpEd)

Delaware Online

Workers' Free Choice Act doesn't mean no elections (Michael Sullivan - Sheet Metal Workers)

Indianapolis Star

Typical GOP tactic - blame the union (CoCo OpEd)

Denver Post

Vitter, other La. lawmakers blasted by Detroit on auto bailout opposition

New Orleans Times-Picayune

Republicans want to destroy auto union (Letter)

Des Moines Register

Congress tries to kill Detroit (Editorial)

The Saginaw News (MI)


Employee Free Choice' Comes To The Fore

National Journal

Obama Signals Tougher Regulations at Federal Agencies

Wall Street Journal

Bush Changes to Employee Leave among First Midnight Rules

OMB Watch

UAW pressed for sacrifices

Detroit News

Detroit Chiefs Plead for Aid, to Little Avail

New York Times

United scores win over pilots union

Chicago Tribune

Duke study says 'going green' will grow jobs in U.S.

News & Observer (NC)

Employee Free Choice Act restores worker protections (Op-Ed)

San Francisco Chronicle

Obama to usher in major shift in trade policy

Washington Post


AFL-CIO Blitzes Retirees


Financial issues steal show on campaign trail

Toledo Blade

McConnell blames tight race on left

Lexington Herald Leader (KY)

More machines added to handle early-voting crowds

Miami Herald

Boeing, Machinists to Resume Talks

Wall Street Journal

The Real Scandal (Opinion)

New York Times

Labor unions' contributions (Letter to the Editor)

Washington Times

Barack Obama for President

Washington Post

Groups: McCain Rolls Eyes at Murder

The Hill

Plumbers Union: McCain Manufactured Outrage over 'Joe the Plumber'

The Hill

All Joe, all the time

Boston Globe and

Groups Push For Second Stimulus, Timing Remains Unclear

National Journal

Refocus Federal Bailout to Fight Foreclosure

Detroit News

Union, business differ on law change

Wal-Mart closes unionized Canada center

San Diego Union-Tribune

U.S. Economy: Trade Deficit of $62.2 Billion Exceeds Forecast


China Tells Businesses to Unionize

New York Times

McCain's Health Care Tax Increase

TIME Swampland blog

McCain-Palin Campaign Sidesteps Labor Issues

Kansas City Tribune

Palin Gives McCain Boost But Doesn't Put Ticket Over Top in Swing States

Wall Street Journal

Analysis: McCain's claims skirt facts, test voters

Associated Press

Boeing Strike: No End in Sight

Business Week magazine


Wal-Mart Denies Meddling in Election

The Tennessean

Poll: Low-wage voters back Obama 2-1

Chicago Tribune

Verizon Unions Postpone Strike, Citing Progress

New York Times

Jobless Rate Climbs to 5.7% as 51,000 Jobs Are Lost in July

New York Times

Wal-Mart warns workers of Democratic win

Detroit Daily News / WSJ


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