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March 29, 2020
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ATU Local 1056
COVID-19 Letter 3-28-20
IATSE Local 96
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Iowa Postal Workers Convention Postponed
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APWU Officers Oath of Office

I, having been duly elected to the office in the ____ of the APWU, AFL-CIO do solemnly pledge to uphold the Constitution and Bylaws of the APWU AFL-CIO, and the (state'Local). I further pledge to perform the duties of my office to the best of my ability. I promise that at the conclusion of my term in office, I will turn over to my successor all books, papers, records and documents that are the property of the APWU. Last, but not least, I promise to purchase only union made aticles whenever available. Failure to perform any of the above will mark me as an indivisual devoid of honor and destitute of integrety.


Your Job and the future of the USPS and the Labor Movement depend on you contributions!

Give to the APWU Committee on Political Action.


National Federation Post Office MVE
National Association Post Office & General Services Maintenance Employees
National Postal Union
National Association Special Delivery Messengers
United Federation of Postal Clerks
APWU Shield
Action Center

Updated On: Nov 01, 2010
A Guide to Organizing a Community Service Committee

One thing in life that's guaranteed is our obligation to pay taxes.  Did you know that you can change your Federal tax withholdings via PostalEASE?  Current year W-2 information is available for viewing online via PostalEASE. In addition, you may request W-2 information from any of the last 15 years to be reprinted on an official document and mailed to you.
It all happens systematically and you can do it from the comfort of your home via LiteBLUE.  All you need is your Employee Identification Number (EIN) and PostalEASE PIN.  If you don't have your PIN, you can re-set it via PostalEASE as well.
Iowa and Illinois State W4 forms are available at the link below and should be mailed to the HRSSC in Greensboro, NC
Questions regarding tax withholding changes and elections should be directed to the HRSSC at 1-877-477-3273, menu option 5.

Extra Benefits From your Union-

 Because you are a member of this union!


Benefits for union members

6 strategies for saving money this summer:







NEW: Union discounts on Disney World tickets




How to get out of debt and boost your credit score




Union Plus Scholarships help union families








NEW: Union discount on new 3G iPhone




New FICO score, why every point counts




How healthy is your home mortgage?  






Trouble reading this email? See page:




1. NEW: Union discounts on Disney World tickets





MickeyJust in time for summer vacation! Union families can now save as much as $26 on each Disney World ticket purchased for the four major theme parks. You can also use your Union Plus Entertainment Discount for discounted "park hopper" tickets that admit you to all four theme parks -- Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom -- plus water parks and more.

Already been to Disney World? Use your Union Plus Entertainment Discounts to save as much as 40% off regularly priced movie tickets, and get discounts on gift certificates, Major League baseball tickets, museum admissions, Broadway tickets, and a lot more.

Remember to use Company Member ID: 744387769 when calling or ordering tickets by mail.










Check out age and height requirements for any theme park attractions before arriving. You don't want your child to look forward to a ride he or she can't go on because of age or height. Save time and use the Disney World Fastpass. It's free, it's simple, and it saves you tons of time standing in line for those highly popular rides.










Visit the Magic Kingdom for less at | 1-800-565-3712.






2. How to get out of debt & boost your credit





Discover ways to save money by avoiding credit card fees. Learn the value of boosting your credit score by just 30 points. Find out how to read your credit report. You'll learn this and more by watching the recent Webinar (“online seminar”) conducted for union members by credit expert and consumer advocate Gerri Detweiler.

Watch this 60-minute presentation now or whenever it fits your schedule. Then follow Gerri's proven tips for getting out of debt. They work for even the tightest budgets.










Check your credit report free at For help understanding what FICO credit scores mean and how they affect you and your family, check out myFICO from Union Plus. Or visit You can also speak with a credit counselor by calling 1-877-833-1745.










Download the free credit presentation at








3. Union Plus Scholarships help union families





Do you have a student in your family headed to college in fall of 2009? Union members, their spouses, and dependent children are eligible to apply for Union Plus Scholarships. Awards of $500 to $4,000 can be used at any accredited college, university, community college, or recognized technical or trade school. This also includes graduate school. Sign up to receive email notification when scholarship applications become available in September 2008.










Before your student leaves home for college make sure to have a serious discussion about the lifelong value of responsible financial management. Successful personal money management skills are every bit as important to lifelong success as earning a diploma. "Starter" tips include: (1) prepare and stick to your budget, and (2) use credit and debit cards with care. You and your student can read more at More Dollars and Cents Sense for New College Students.
















Learn more about Union Plus Education Services at







4. NEW: Union-member discount on the new 3G iPhone





Beginning July 11, 2008, the Apple iPhone will be added to the Union Plus AT&T Discount Program. Members will be able to purchase the new 3G iPhone at regular price and receive the 10% Union Plus discount off the AT&T service. Please note the discount only applies to service using the new 3G iPhone. There will be no discount for service using the original iPhone.



Save on the new Apple iPhone at | 1-800-897-7046.




5. Your new FICO credit score: Why every point counts





What's your new FICO 2008 credit score? If you don't know, you'll want to find out. Here's why.

Your FICO score is used by businesses to make credit, insurance and job-related decisions about you. Formulas used to develop these scores are updated periodically to reflect changing trends in consumer behavior. The most significant update in years was just introduced. As a result, you may see a change in your score even though your credit habits remain the same.

To find out your new scores and receive a personalized score explanation, credit reports, and ID fraud or identity theft protection, check out myFICO. Union members get a 15% union discount on myFICO® products and services.

Check out your credit score at








6. How healthy is your home mortgage?





With a weak housing market in many parts of the country, some homeowners are uneasy. Even if their own mortgage loans are healthy, the experience of others may be depressing home values in their area and restricting mortgage programs. How healthy is your home mortgage? Find out by completing the Union Plus Home Mortgage Check-Up. It's free to union members.










If you are planning to buy or refinance your home, it’s essential to stay on top of your credit and fix problems quickly. Get help monitoring your credit reports and scores.














Check on the health of your home mortgage.









Union Issues: Meet Barack Obama





The AFL-CIO General Board officially endorsed Senator Barack Obama and launched a new Web site to help educate union members about Sen. Obama’s background and his record of fighting for working families.  The new Meet Barack Obama Web site features videos, downloadable fliers and a briefing book laying out his positions on issues key to working families.





Union Plus Interactive:

Tell Us What You Think




> Read the latest labor-related blog from Working America.

> Listen to the latest on Workers Independent News

Tabitha Harris, Union Plus Customer Service
Manager"Let me know if you need any assistance with any of the Union Plus programs." Complete our feedback form and Tabitha Harris, the Union Plus Customer Service Manager and an OPEIU Local 2 member will follow up to ensure you're satisfied.

Did you know?:
Look for the next E-News issue on August 12 from Computers, Internet service, and more.





Email Admin Center




Union Privilege backs all the Union Plus benefits so union members get the service they deserve. If you have questions or comments, please contact the Union Plus Customer Service here.




Shared Services - Postalpeople -


TDD/TTY 1-866-260-7507



Accident Benefit Association

EAP Employee Assistance Program



Life Care


Voluntary Benefits

Union Plus


Union Labor Park


Reduced Hotel prices for Federal Employees



The December issue of the FedRooms Check-in, the FedRooms quarterly newsletter for travelers, is attached for your review. The newsletter contains FedRooms program information, tips for frequent travelers, and a survey requesting your feedback about the newsletter. Additionally, there are details about the upcoming "FedRooms 101" training Webinar.  This newsletter will also be posted online at  


Please pass this information along to other travelers within your agency.   



fax 763.212.8909 | help desk 800.226.1741 |


FedRooms, the only government-wide, GSA-sponsored hotel program, offers simplified hotel selection and rate protection for federal travelers.  The FedRooms Rate.  Ask for it by name.  Accept no substitutes. 



Accident Benefit Association


      Every Member at Large of the Iowa Postal Workers union is covered by the low option of the APWU Accident Benefit Association (ABA).

     This covereage is made available to you union members through your dues.

     For more information on the ABA go to:


    The Area Representative for ABA is

Ed Brennan, PO Box 451 St. Charles, MO. 63302 Cell 314.749.7389

The 100% ABA covered Locals are:

Clinton Local

Council Bluffs Local

Creston Local

Des Moines Iowa Area Local

Fort Madison Local

Hawkeye Local

Iowa Postal Workers Union

Rapid Area Local

Sioux City Local

Waterloo Local


Employee Assistance Program


It ain't what it used to be!

         The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is new and improved and every member should look into what the program has to offer. It's not just about drug and alcohol abuse, it's a whole lot more!



To the Members of the APWU,

There is some important news regarding your AFLAC benefits that I wanted all of you to be aware of. AFLAC has introduced a new Cancer policy that has increased treatment payouts and updated benefits that correspond with new procedures and technologies in the treatment of Cancer today.

If you already have Aflac’s Cancer Indemnity Plan: Your plan and rate is not being affected by this introduction. If you choose, AFLAC is offering a loyalty discount to anyone who currently has a cancer policy that has been in effect for 12 months; that wishes to convert to the new policy. This can be done once your current policy has been in force for 12 months. Please contact us if you would like to make a comparison. In addition, please let me know if you or a family member have had a cancer screening and have not used your Wellness Benefit.


Rate Bi-Weekly Individual 1 Parent Family Primary/Spouse 2 Parent Family


New- Age 18-35 13.68 13.68 26.46 26.46

New Age 36-45 19.74 19.74 36.42 36.42

New- Age 46-55 26.58 26.58 50.16 50.16

New- Age 56-70 32.88 32.88 63.66 63.66



While the coverage is stronger, the age bracket levels warrant careful consideration! By getting the current plan, you protect your family while minimizing your investment. No change is happening to rates on the current plan.If you would like to sign up for the current Cancer policy and get locked in to the current rate, you only have until October 20th and then it will be pulled from the market. After the 20th, it will no longer be available.

Please contact me with any questions you have concerning this matter.


Your Independent AFLAC Agents,

Christina Paterson Indira Kinrade Jason Harpenau

515-577-1114 515.975.1227 515-333-1543




This group is designed to have an avenue for all postal employees to have a place to chat about anything concerning our passion, motorcycling. We want to start a nationwide network of postal brothers and sisters, their families and friends.

RIDING TOGETHER is what it's all about, but even if you are between bikes, or thinking about buying your first bike, swap stories, swap information or parts. Buy or sell a bike! This site will develop and change to suit the members.

What a better way to plan your next trip. Contact brothers and sisters from all over the country, and find out what are the best, most scenic, or fastest routes through their neck of the woods. Maybe you can line up someone to ride with when you get to your destination?

Each city can have it's own club, so to speak, and they can draw information from all the other clubs. Think of it. How many motorcycles do you see parked at work each day? Many more people have bikes but don't ride to work. All together there must be tens of thousands of us. UNITE!

We don't care what brand you ride, as long as you RIDE! No officers, no rules, no fees! Just fun.

Since I have been in this group I have been on a dozen rides with new people. Every ride the group changes a little, depending on who shows up. I always have someone interesting to ride with!


Union Labor Park,

 Des Moines.

Rent the park.

 Labor Park Rules 2010


Life Care

      The APWU and USPS have a joint program with to provide services to APWU members and eligible family members.

      Some of the services offered are: Prenatal services; Adoption Service; Child care services; Emergency care services; Special needs service; Summer care services; Academic services; Adult care services; and Personal services.



 Federal Employees Education and Assistance Fund





     The IPWU yearly Scholarships of $500 each are offered to a child of an active or deceased member of the IPWU, and the other scholarship is offered to an member of the IPWU.

      The APWU and other various labor organizations also offer scholarships. Watch this page for more info as they become available.

See "Scholarship" page for more!



Voluntary Benefits Plan


      Benefits for members of the American Postal Workers Union, such as Home Mortgage Program; MasterCard; Term Life Insurance; Auto Insurance and more.




Union Plus

      Union Plus is brought to you by Union Privilege, established by the AFL-CIO to provided consumer benefits to members and retirees of participating labor unions.


Union Plus



Because you are a current or retired union member, you

and your family are automatically eligible to start using

your union's Union Plus benefits as described below.

You may be eligible for other benefits from your union.

Check For Union Plus benefits updates, visit Take advantage of these

benefits today!

Union Plus benefits from Union Privilege are the only

consumer benefits endorsed by the AFL-CIO and your union.


benefits today!

Union Plus benefits from Union Privilege are the only

consumer benefits endorsed by the AFL-CIO and your union.



visit Take advantage of these

benefits today!

Union Plus benefits from Union Privilege are the only

consumer benefits endorsed by the AFL-CIO and your union.


benefits today!

Union Plus benefits from Union Privilege are the only

consumer benefits endorsed by the AFL-CIO and your union.



Member Benefits

On the job, you get the protection of a contract and more strength in the workplace. Off the job, the Union

Plus programs, using the collective purchasing power of millions of union members, offer you a wide range of

high quality benefits with great value. Union Plus programs deliver the quality, service and savings that you

and your family deserve.

Member and Consumer Advocacy

The Union Plus Member Advocacy Program will assist you if you have questions or concerns about any of

the Union Plus programs. Full-time union member advocates are devoted solely to providing you immediate

help. Union Plus also provides a wealth of consumer information to help you improve the quality of your life


Delivering Savings and Unique Benefits

With the Union Plus programs, you and your family will receive union member-only rates, discounts and

special features like skip payments and financial assistance in the event of disability or layoff. The Union

Plus programs are designed specifically for union members and their families. That is why you won't find the

savings and benefits associated with the Union Plus programs anywhere else.

Take Advantage of the Savings

Take a look at all of the money-saving benefits available to you as a union member. Then contact the

programs that can help you and your family today!

This program listing was last updated: October 11, 2007

Money & Credit

Credit Card

A union endorsed credit card, with low-rate balance

transfers, a competitive rate, no annual fee, strike

skip payments and a unique Member Advocacy



1 of 5

Insurance Deals

Health & Well Being

Credit Counseling

Regain control of your finances and stop collection

calls. Get help from a high quality, non-profit

counseling service, with free counseling and debt

management plans.


Your Credit Score

Learn your credit score and get help improving it.

Online Tax Service

Save big on online tax preparation compared to

TurboTax® and TaxCut®. Just answer some simple

questions to prepare your federal and state taxes,

then e-file your returns. Free federal returns for lower

income households.

Union-Made Checks

Union-printed checks and return-address labels that

feature your union logo.


Online Savings Account

Earn more on your savings by depositing your money

into an HSBCdirect Online Savings account. Union

members can earn a special bonus.


Union Plus Secured Card

You can establish or rebuild your credit history with

this secured credit card. Unlike other secured cards,

there are no application or set up fees. Cardholders

can graduate to a regular unsecured credit card after

18 months of on-time payments.


Pet Insurance

Cut the cost of owning a pet. Save 10% on pet health

insurance premiums.


Health Savings

Reduce your family’s out-of-pocket health care

expenses with discounts on dental and vision care,

prescription drugs, hearing, podiatry and diabetic



Health Club Discounts

Pre-negotiated 20% to 60% discounts on monthly

fees at over 1,500 health clubs.


2 of 5

Education Services

Auto Advantages

House & Home

Education Services

Provides information about loans, scholarships, how

to select a school, how to prepare for college entry

tests, and much more.


Union Plus Scholarships

The Union Plus Scholarship awards $150,000

annually to members, their spouses and their children

who are pursuing a secondary education at a

university, college, trade or technical school. The

Union Leaders of Future Scholarship helps women

and people of color become union leaders. The Union

Plus National Labor College Scholarship awards

$25,000 annually to those enrolling in the National

Labor College.

Car Rental Discounts

Save up to 25% on car rentals.

Avis 1-800-698-5685, ID# B723700

Budget 1-800-455-2848, ID# V816100

Goodyear Tire & Service Discount

Save up to 10% when you service your car or buy

tires, and support union workers who make many

Goodyear tires.

Motor Club

Have peace of mind on the road with a full-service

motor club that’s a better value than AAA. Get

emergency roadside assistance and locksmith

services (up to $100 per service call) from 40,000

service providers nationwide. All calls answered in

the U.S.


Auto Buying

Save time and money when you buy a new or used

car or truck. Get pre-negotiated fleet pricing on most

new vehicles, typically just 2-3% over dealer invoice.


Mortgage & Real Estate

Makes buying or selling a home or refinancing a

mortgage easier and more affordable. Features

include strike, layoff and disability assistance, and an

easy over-the-phone application process.


3 of 5

Everyday Savings

Travel & Recreation

Moving Discount

Preferred moving discounts.


Pet Savings

Cut the cost of owning a pet. Save 25% on

veterinarian services.

1-888-789-PETS (1-888-789-7387)

Home Heating Oil Discounts

Save an average of $200-$300 a year on home

heating oil. Available in CT, MA, NJ, NY, RI, NH,

ME, PA, MD, DC and VA.

1-800-660-0691 Discount

Save 27% on an annual subscription to, Consumer Reports’ online

consumer information web site featuring Product

Reviews, Product Ratings and Buying Guides. You’ll

also get the latest issue of the magazine online.

Flower Discount

Save 20% when you send flowers.


Union-Made Clothing Discounts

Buy union-made apparel and save with a minimum

5% discount on everything you buy. Jeans, dress

shirts, casual wear, jackets and more.

Justice Clothing Co. 1-888-661-0620

No Sweat Apparel 1-877-922-7827, Code:


Union Jean & Apparel Co. 1-888-937-8009,

Code: UnionPlus

Powell's Bookstore

Save on new and used books and textbooks at this

discount unionized Internet bookseller.

Cruise Discounts

Save a minimum of 5% on cruises anywhere in the

world from Norwegian Cruise Line. Enjoy Hawaii with

NCL America, which operates US-flagged, all union

cruise ships.


Worldwide Vacation Tours

Discounted international travel packages and tours.

Union members save $100.


Entertainment Discounts

Save on movie tickets and rentals, theme parks,

theaters, and sporting events.

1-800-565-3712, ID# 744387769

4 of 5

Computers & Tech

For up-to-date program information, sign up for E-News


The Union Plus benefits are brought to you by:

Union Privilege

1125 15th Street, NW, Suite 300

Washington, DC 20005

Visit for updates on all your union's Union Plus benefits.

No union dues are used to provide these benefits.

To print another copy of this guide, visit


No union dues are used to provide these benefits.

To print another copy of this guide, visit



Car Rental Discounts

Save up to 25% on car rentals.

Avis 1-800-698-5685, ID# B723700

Budget 1-800-455-2848, ID# V816100

Hertz 1-800-654-2200, ID# 205666

Dell Computer Discounts

Discounts on computers and accessories.


Member ID: PS16626766

Internet Service Discount

Get huge savings on high-speed dial-up Internet

service. Features include pop-up blockers, spam

filters, virus protection and more.


Broadband Phone Service (VOIP)

Save up to 85% on your phone bill with Union Plus

Voice. It’s easy to use. Just connect to your existing

broadband Internet (cable or DSL) connection. A

variety of calling plans with low monthly rates are






New policy rates are approximate; many options are available on the new plan to customize your coverage. Rate comparisons are using comparable coverage to the new plan. they may vary slightly from state to state.


If you do not have a cancer policy PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: While the current cancer policy is not age related, the new one is. The price difference if you are 46 or older is substantial as you can see from the chart below:


Current Cancer Policy 17.31 21.32 29.72 29.72



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Pray for the dead,

and fight like hell

for the living


WH 380E - Employee serious health condition

WH 380F - Family member health condition

WH 381 - Notice of Eligibility, Rights and Responsibilities

WH 382 - Designation Notice

WH 384 - Certification of qualification - military leave

WH 385 - Certification for serious illness or injury - military leave 


Form 1 - Certification by Employee's Health Care Provider for Employee's Serious Illness.

 Form 2 - Health Care Provider Certification of Employee's Family Member Serious Illness.

Form 3 - Certificate by Employee of Qualifying Exigency for Military Family Leave.

Form 4 - Certification by Service member's Health Care Provider for Caregiver Military Family Leave.



Employee Assistance Program

Make the Call

Buy Union - Buy American - Buy Iowa

Voluntary Benefits Plan
P.O. Box 1471
Waterbury, CT 06721




APWU Health Plan
Iowa Postal Workers Union
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